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The UNSC firebase combines a tactical communication command center, with production facilities for making combat units. It is also the central part of the base that connects every other building. It can be upgraded for a bigger base with more building slots and turrets. The only unit it produces at this stage is the Warthog.

  • The Firebase is the main UNSC structure. It starts with only 3 building sites.
  • The Firebase is upgradeable to the Station Level. This level has 5 building sites, and four Turret Sites. Costs 300 Supplies to upgrade, and 0 Tech Level.

It can then be upgraded to the Fortress Level, which adds 2 extra building sites.

No matter what UNSC Leader you play as, the Warthog is buildable along with a certain unit. (Anders Gremlin/Cutter's Elephant/ Forge's Cyclops) All Warthog upgrades are researched from here.

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